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Tracking technology usage

by on 21 September, 2012

Further to the post on Birmingham Profile 2012 regarding communications behaviour, Ipsos Mori have updated their Technology Tracker results to Q3 (May-July) 2012 . This survey gives a very recent context at a national level of people’s communications behaviours. Highlights include:

  • 83% of British adults currently use the internet, with 44% accessing it via their mobiles.
  • Smartphone ownership has risen to 49%, with 11% of those surveyed owning a tablet computer.
  • 48% access social networking sites, with nearly half of those accessing via  smartphones.
  • Profiles of social networking users (surveyed by Ipsos) show:
  1. Facebook: spread across all social grades, 69% own a Smartphone.
  2. Google+: spread across all social grades: 76% own a Smartphone
  3. Youtube: in high/medium social grades, 72% own a Smartphone.
  4. Twitter: AB/C1 social grades, 83% own a Smartphone.

The internet is a very popular and Smartphones are increasingly important tools for communications across a variety of social grades, and not just for interactions through social networking.

With 49% surveyed owning an smartphone and a similar proportion on social networking sites, it shows that mobile internet is far from a niche communications market.

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