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Between “Paralysis by analysis and extinction by instinct” Ann Langley (1995)

by on 23 October, 2012

Picture depicting Information overload

Photo Credit: verbeeldingskr8

I was today warned by a colleague  to avoid ‘paralysis by analysis’.

The pragmatist in me thought,

‘yep maybe we are stalling a decision or making things over complex when we could just get on with it’

Then my inner analyst spoke up and warned me

‘might it be wise to review the information available before jumping in with two feet’

So this got me thinking about this dilemma, one we often face. I found this interesting study Between Paralysis by analysis and extinction by instinct. It places this dilemma in an organisational context. It provides an interesting insight into when to look out for either problem. I thought an interesting topic for debate either way!

Between Paralysis by Analysis and Extinction by Instinct

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