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ONS Stats on Internet Access (July-September 2012)

by on 14 November, 2012


Key points

  • At Q3 2012, 7.63 million adults (15%) had never used the Internet. This is 2% lower than at Q2 2012 and 9% lower than at Q3 2011.
  • There were 42.79 million adults (85%) who had ever used the Internet at Q3 2012.
  • Men (87%) were slightly more likely to be Internet users than women (83%)
  • Those over the age of 75 have the lowest rate of internet users (30.1%), but internet usage did not vary by more than a few percentage points between the ages of 16 (98.9%) and 44 years (96.6%)
  • Those who have disabilities that fit into the Disability Discrimination Act’s definition have low rates of internet users (66.3%) compared with those with no disability (90.2%)

Birmingham specific:

In Q3 2012, 79.5% of people in Birmingham have used the Internet (an increase of only 0.2% on the same time last year). This proportion is slightly lower than the UK average of 84.7%.

Data Source: ONS (Office of National Statistics) Statistical Bulletin Q3 2012

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