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Is There A Best Time To Send An Email?

by on 14 March, 2013

Interesting article from Reach The Public on timing of email communication with customers:

  • ….Any organization’s best time will be unique to them. There is no “one size fits all” solution to digital communications. Each organization’s information and customer base is different. What works well for one organization may not be what works for yours.
  • Different types of content may have different best times. Just as Central Bedfordshire found the weekends to be successful for sending out longer news bulletins and Wednesday’s to work well for more overview information, your organization’s various forms of content may find higher response rates on differing days of the week.
  • Remember to test, test and test some more before making conclusions. High response rates may not be found on your first try. Conducting several tests provides more data, ultimately allowing for better conclusions to be made. Don’t be afraid to try sending your Monday newsletter on Sunday afternoon, you never know what may happen.
  • Let the customer direct your communications.  Increased testing and results allow trends in your customer’s behavior to be more easily spotted. Customer’s engagement rates are sending you a message, but it’s up to you to receive and respond to it.
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