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What does the Census 2011 mean for Birmingham?

by on 3 December, 2014

The analysis in this report looks at the key findings for Birmingham from the Census 2011 Key and Quick Statistics tables.  Key findings:

  1. Census 2011 estimated 64% of Birmingham’s working population aged 16 – 74 to be economically active.
  2. Birmingham’s ethnic background other than White (White British, White Irish and White Other) has grown in the last decade by 12%, and has doubled in size since 1991 from 21% to 42%.
  3. In 2011, 22% (238,313) of Birmingham’s population were born outside the UK.
  4. In 2011, private renting rose in total number of households by 59%.
  5. Since 2001, there has been a 14% increase on numbers of households with non-dependent children
    (working-age, economically active people) living with their parents, including an 87% rise for cohabiting
    couples with non-dependent children.
  6. Birmingham has seen a substantial population increase in the following age groups:
    – 0-4 years: 17%; 18-24 years: 23.5%, and 85+: 12.7%.

For more information read the full report What does the Census 2011 mean for Birmingham?


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