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General Election 2015 – Birmingham

by on 22 April, 2015

With the general election fast approaching and the deadline for voter registration now behind us, we took some time to look at what information was available in the run up to the elections.

What we came up with was some information on voter registrations and the details of who is standing for election in Birmingham.

Birmingham Electoral Register 2014-2015:
This dashboard shows the electoral register size during 2014 and 2015 it also allows the user to see statistics and changes between the various register revisions that where issued during this period.  This was created using information from an FOI request the details of which are available on the dashboard.

2015 Birmingham Election Nominations:
We have taken the list of nominees for the upcoming election and created an interactive dashboard that allows the users to select a ward and easily see the information for the nominees in that ward.  There is also a map showing details of the current elected member for that ward (where they are standing for re-election).

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