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Birmingham Equalities Dashboards

by on 25 April, 2017

The Strategic Research team were asked by a cabinet member to produce some dashboards for an event around Equalities in Birmingham.

We used several data sources from ONS concentrating on 2011 Census and 2014 Predictions.

Population: Ward and City level. 2011 and 2014 comparison.
This is comprised of 4 elements two maps showing the change in % population between 2011 and 2014, and two charts showing Birmingham and ward population change 2011-2014.  The ward level information includes a selector for each ward to explore the data.

Ethnicity: Ward and City level.
The two maps on this dashboard are controlled by the drop down list selection and will show the information for the selected ethnicity.

The two charts are static and show the number and percentage of Birmingham’s ethnic makeup.

Religion: Ward and City level
Age Group: Ward and City level
General Health: Ward and City level
Long Term Health: Ward and City level
Marital Status: Ward and City level.
All of the above dashboards where created using the same design structure of the Ethnicity dashboard to give a consistent flow to the Tableau story.

Gender: Ward, City level and gender split.
The design for this dashboard differed slightly as there were only two groups to be represented.  We added a selector for the map to show male or female and have a Ward selector for the ward level chart.

Birmingham Equalities Dashboard

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